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Minox Monocular

The minox macroscope ms 8x25 is a great pocket monocular that offers up to 0. 3m-infinity of vision. It comes with a minuscule telescope module, which can be attached to the back of the telescope itself or to a physical display case. The ms 8x25's eyepiece has a resolution of 8x25mm and is clear up to 0. It is perfect for use in low light or for using as a low-light microscope.

Minox  Monocular 5x  MD 8x16 MD 6x16A Set

Minox Monocular 5x MD 8x16


USD $1,000.00

MD 7x42 C Monocular with Intergrated Compass

MD 7x42 C Monocular with

By Minox

USD $121.79

MINOX 62214 Gun Scope, White, 7 x 42

MINOX 62214 Gun Scope, White,


USD $150.50

MINOX 62245 Bl 8 X 56 Comfort Bridge Housing Hd Glass Binocu

MINOX 62245 Bl 8 X


USD $735.00

Minox 62417 Monocular

Minox 62417 Monocular


USD $213.53

Minox 8x25 Macroscope

Minox 8x25 Macroscope

By Minox USA

USD $146.99

Best Minox Monocular Comparison

These are minox monoculars that are 5x md 8x16 md 6x16a set. They are easy to use and provide great* clarity* when viewing small areas.
these monoculars are a great for displaying targets at a distance. The monocular has an md 7x42 c lens with an angle of incidence of 30 degrees and an angle of ratchette of 42 degrees. The lens is integrated with an belt-type interconnector and the unit is powered by a standard aa battery.
these are great for taking very small photos and videos. The 8x25mm focal length will allow you to take photos and videos that are up to 2 feet wide and 10 feet tall. The micro-cube structure makes it easy to take poor quality images.